Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to Charlie137 (aka Guillaume Chereau) new blog.
I start this new blog in addition to my other blog.

This blog will be more tech oriented. I will talk about the things I like in computer science, and also about my new job for OpenMoko.
So get ready to hear a lot about linux, OpenMoko, Python, D, Vala, Stellarium (among other things.)

I'll keep updating my old blog with drawings and video games stuffs when I'll get the time. I have been pretty busy (and sick) recently so I didn't take time to post anything.



Unknown said...

Congratulation on your job at Openmoko. We have some interests in common, and I'd be very happy to see D on the phone, but making gdc cross-compile has been a real hazzle for a simple programmer as me.
Are you going to try getting gdc to compile to arm eabi?

Guillaume Chéreau said...

No I don't have such a plan for the moment. I will probably work mostly on python framework for the beginning.

Then gdc is just a front end for gcc, so I guess gdc should be able to cross compile to arm eabi. I'll give it a try as soon as I know more about OpenMoko.