Monday, 21 July 2008

Tichy update

I did a video of tichy, my python applets manager, running on openmoko :

Once again the code for tichy can be retrieved from the subversion repository with this command :
svn checkout svn://

It works fine on a desktop computer too. Parts of the program are in C, but I always provide python versions as well, so you don't need to compile anything to test it.

It is also very easy to extend tichy by adding new plugins

[Edit]: I put a copy of the video on youtube.


Anonymous said...

It looks supercool, but I cannot see the video with gnash. Do you have an mp4 file or something similar?

Anonymous said...

please tag it, so it shows up in the feeds.

Marc-Olivier Barre said...

hmm, you do realize that shockwave is not available under Linux ?

Could we see this video in a free software friendly format ?

Anonymous said...

Cool video. I am looking forwards to FSO being ready.