Sunday, 11 January 2009

Paroli get a website

Happy new year everybody !
I just come back from holidays, and haven't worked for a few weeks, but now I am back to Taipei where I still work for OpenMoko, with a few news about our next software stack :

The tichy project had a lot of modifications ; it is now entirely based on etk and edje (part of raster enlightenment windows manager). It has also been renamed "paroli-core". We loose the ability to use different graphic back-ends, but the other features are still presents. Paroli-core offers :
  • Signal / slot objects (à la Qt.)
  • A service system to allow user to register and retrieve python object based on there role.
  • A tasklet library for easy creation of chained callback function.
  • A plug-in system.
  • A set of services that create a layer between the plug-ins and Mikey FSO framework.

The Paroli project based on paroli-core started.
The project includes paroli-core (ex tichy), plus a set of applets that aim at providing basic telephony functionalities.

More information (and the sources) can be found from the paroli-project web site.

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