Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tichy's new style

Today I created a new style for tichy's widgets.

The way we can create widgets style is very simple : we create 32x32 sized png images for each frame. The image is cut so that each 8x8 sized corner will correspond to the associated widget frame corner, the top will be used to fill the top of the widget frame and so on (see the image.)

This is not very flexible because it only allows 8x8 corners size for all the widgets, but here simplicity beats flexibility.

My previous style was done using the gimp. This time I decided to use inkscape instead. Inskape is one of the best open source software I know. Perfect for this kind of job.

I went for a very bright style, so that we can read the phone screen even outside. I also decided to use no gradient or effect at all, this increases the feeling of simplicity that I want to have in Tichy.


Anonymous said...

Simplicity's always good, looks promising - but I'd prefer a non-monospace font, this one looks so... blocky. ;D

Guillaume Chéreau said...

I prefer monospace fonts because I like to see all the characters aligned on multiple lines text. Maybe that is a "déformation professionnelle".

For the moment I use 'uming' only because it contains the Chinese characters set.

Some other monospace fonts look better (I like the "monospace" font a lot, at some point I will try to use it in Tichy)