Saturday, 20 February 2010

laoshi : A Chinese learning application

I had some free time recently so I created a small application to learn Chinese. The name "laoshi" is the pinyin for "老師" which means "teacher".

For the moment the application features :
  • A dictionary, using the database from cedict containing more than 90,000 entries.
  • A lessons viewer, with automatic dictionary lookup when we pass the mouse over the text.
  • A flash card player.
  • Two lessons that I wrote for beginners.
I wrote everything in python using gtk for the interface, so it should work on every platform. I don't provide any package yet, but people interested can check the code at google code.


Learn Mandarin said...

Very interesting blog i have visit and i am very inspired form your ideas.
Thanks for post..

Unknown said...

This is where you will greet the children and begin the day. The circle time area should be a large enough space for the entire class to sit comfortably on the floor. This area should include your calendar, weather board, an attendance board to record the student’s daily attendance and carpet squares for the children to sit on. Thanks.
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