Monday, 21 July 2008

Tichy update

I did a video of tichy, my python applets manager, running on openmoko :

Once again the code for tichy can be retrieved from the subversion repository with this command :
svn checkout svn://

It works fine on a desktop computer too. Parts of the program are in C, but I always provide python versions as well, so you don't need to compile anything to test it.

It is also very easy to extend tichy by adding new plugins

[Edit]: I put a copy of the video on youtube.


Anonymous said...

It looks supercool, but I cannot see the video with gnash. Do you have an mp4 file or something similar?

Anonymous said...

please tag it, so it shows up in the feeds.

Anonymous said...

hmm, you do realize that shockwave is not available under Linux ?

Could we see this video in a free software friendly format ?

Anonymous said...

Cool video. I am looking forwards to FSO being ready.