Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Tichy running on GTK

Those days I am working on Tichy again.

Tichy is a python applet manager that allow to easily write applications for mobile phone.

From the beginning I tried to make the applets code "widget-agnostic". That means for example if an applet need to show a list of item, instead of creating the widgets for that, it will request the system for a 'design' service that will be in charge of representing the items. This way we can have totally different interfaces for the same applications.

An other advantage of this approach is that I can use any widget toolkit I want. So today I tried to make Tichy running with gtk, instead of SDL. Here is the result. The first image is using my own SDL widget toolkit, the second image is the same application using gtk toolkit.

My goal is to create a back end using etk + edje, as well as a backend using Clutter.

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