Wednesday, 8 October 2008

OpenMoko update

I haven't post for a long time, it is time to give some update about my work at openmoko.

The last few weeks the full freesmartphone team was here in Taipei, so that we could work full time on the openmoko d-bus system interface (the so called framework).

Many changes have been done recently, I will try to update the wiki to let people that are not subscribed to the mailing list be aware of the status of the project.
To recall, the framework provides a d-bus API (the org.freesmartphone API) for applications running on the neo. The API covers usual phone functionalities (GSM, SIM, PIM, etc).

I didn't work at all on my personal project tichy, except yesterday when I stared to write a few applications that I intend to use to learn Chinese :
* A learning game application that implements the Leitner System to optimize the memorization of new words.
* An English to Chinese dictionary.
* A now working audio files player.

I think there is a interesting potential for the neo to be a learning platform.


brettjamin said...

I would be very interested in using, or helping out (I'm a programmer) with the flashcard system. I've used supermemo in the past, and would love to have something similiar on my Freerunner. Do you have anything completed yet?

Guillaume Chéreau said...

brettjamin : Yes, I already use it.
It works fine, except that the font is a little bit difficult to read. I will try to correct that.

You can download tichy from svn, then run it and go into the 'Learn' plugin (See the instructions in the wiki page and the README file)
*don't* try to run tichy on the neo without the compiled version of the gui, it would be too slow !

It also works directly on the desktop. BUT: there is still a bug with the chinese fonts when running from the desktop.

If you have any problem running tichy on the neo I can send you an .ipk for it.

Mutrox Seregnar said...

Any posibility to send this ipkg to me too? why don't publish it somewhere? I would like to include titchy on the next FDOM release, did you mind if I do so?


Mutrox Seregnar said...

sorry I have misspelled tichy

Philip Rhoades said...
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Anonymous said...

I found your blog because of Openmoko and tichy but I am also interested in your flashcard system for learning Spanish.

Guillaume Chéreau said...

I will ask the distro team to update the version of tichy build in the unstable feeds, so that everyone will be able to install it.

In the meanwhile you can get the package here :

Philip, if you are only interested in the learning program, you can also check those sources :
It is a small python script that you can run on the desktop.

Guillaume Chéreau said...

sorry the blog engine cut the link to the opkg file.
here is it again